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What to Know Before Hiring a Chinese Voice Talent as Told By A Chinese Voice Talent

Jeanne Menafo, the Marketing Director of Markethold Productions, Inc., sat down with voice talent Wuzhi to discuss what it’s like to be a professional Chinese voice talent, common misconceptions about Chinese by region and dialect, and what you as a customer can do to make sure you’re getting the most from your Chinese voice talent. […]

Markethold Company Culture: Fostering Creativity and Independence

Steve Bartolotta started Markethold Productions, Inc. in 1994 and has worked in composition recording and production in the entertainment, sports, and automotive industries as well as for government, corporate, and non-profit organizations. Major companies include Sony, ESPN, Disney, CBS, The Buffalo Bills, Volvo, and many more. I sat down with Steve to discuss how he […]

Editing the Rough Cut of the Movie: King’s Faith

The following article was published on “We will just keep experimenting and see if we can find this score together.” – Nick Dibella Interview by Jeanne Menafo (Markethold Productions) A few months ago I met with Nick DiBella (Faith Street Film Partners), Steve Bartolotta (Markethold Productions), Anthony Deluca (NXT Media), and Jim Pavone ( […]