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  • Please fill out the form if you are a voice talent only. We do not accept applications for translation services or on-screen talent at this time.
Voicover Vendor Application / Information Form

Basic Info

Info: Narration/Learning - web-based trainings, video narrations, informational content, etc. Announcer - engaging voiceovers for use in advertising, radio/spotify/TV commercials, web ad copy, etc. Character Voices - voices for animated characters or children's media and also "regular person" voices for use in ads or web-based trainings Telephony - on-hold messages, initial phone greetings, voice-prompt menus

Pricing and Payments

Please indicate where you would like payment checks sent, exactly as it would appear on the envelope
Please indicate what PayPal address to send payments to. Also note that we do not pay extra for PayPal fees. If you are concerned with PayPal service fees, you may include the additional rate in your initial pricing during casting.
We typically pay by check or PayPal, but if you cannot accept payment by either of these means, we will contact you. It does not mean you are ineligible to receive projects/payments, but it will require additional info and may delay payment in some cases.

Voice Demos

Please upload up to three demos for each category below. These will be included in our (public) online talent directory and used to send to clients for casting purposes. MP3 or WAV files only please.

Recording Capability

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