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Text to speech (TTS) is an affordable and fast answer for a variety of applications including corporate and e-learning projects. TTS systems are available in both male and female voices and now support most major world languages.


We Understand

Translation is the first step in any corporate localization initiative, e-learning course, or other multimedia project. We would be happy to refer you to one of our translation partners, or handle the entire project management for you from translation through the production process. Don’t let translation hold you up from getting your message out to the world.


That Special Quality

You can keep the original integrity and have that unique performance in any of our over 60 languages. Whether you have a locked down sound, or you are in need of some help to find it, we will provide the samples you require to proceed with confidence. We offer custom auditions upon request with tireless customer service, and devoted project managers that are a true part of your team.


Means Multiple Markets

Multimedia projects such as gamification, corporate presentations, and e-learning courses can have great number of moving parts spanning multiple technical specialties. Ensuring that all of these assets are accurate and exported to any number of formats with both native foreign language and localized content, is where Markethold customers can benefit. We’ll get your message out to your employees and customers, and manage the entire process for a single source and a seamless solution.

subtitles and captions

Read Into It

Share your video content quickly and cost-effectively with subtitling or captioning. Subtitles or captions are available with a turnaround time that is typically more rapid than audio-based localization methods. Our video professionals will insert captions or subtitles in order to make your videos available right away.

voice dubbing

Spread the Word

Corporate video dubbing can have a variety of styles, and it’s important to decide which style is right for you. Ask yourself which of the following matches your video.

Off-Screen Narration: In off-screen narration, a speaker is not seen. Their voice matches the video sync points such as animations, specific activities, or graphics.

UN-Style Dubbing: In UN-style dubbing, the original spoken dialogue is audible for 1 to 2 seconds and then replaced by a new speaker in a different language. This process allows the original voice of the speaker to be established, and then lowered in favor of a localized voice over. This method of dubbing is commonly used in documentary-style productions.

Dubbing: In dubbing, the original spoken dialogue is removed and a new foreign language voice over is synced to the original voice in overall time only. In this style of dubbing, there is no lip-sync.

Lip-Sync Dubbing: With lip-sync dubbing, the motions of an on-screen speaker’s lips are matched as closely as possible with the localized voice over. This method of dubbing is commonly used in the motion picture industry.

voice over

Voice Over Services Voice Talent Markethold Productions

Find Your Voice

Whether it’s English or one of over 60 other languages, our professional talent will enhance your project with the perfect voice. Your broadcast quality recordings will be localized and error-free for phone prompts, narration, or lip sync dubbing. We also feel right at home with foreign languages. We are here to help build strong customer relationships, properly convey your message to emerging markets, and build brand loyalty.

Voice Over Services

At Markethold, voice over services are one of our specialties. We’ve carefully selected a talented pool of actors and actresses so that you can find the perfect voice over for your project. Our clients have used professional voice overs in the following applications:

Voice overs should be easy – and that’s always our goal. To make the process as simple as possible for you. We do a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure your project turns out just the way you want it to.

Choosing Voice Talent

The selection of the right voice talent is the first step of the process, and this usually begins with a character description from you. The more you can tell us about your character, the better we can narrow down our pool of talent to an actor or actress that fits the bill. We’ll provide you with a number of samples to listen to, and then provide a custom read from any of the samples you choose to move forward with.

Recording Session

Once the voice talent is chosen, recording can begin. Our talent records in our professional-grade studios to produce the most quality sound possible.

While we can take on the recording session ourselves, some of our clients like to be involved during the process. Sometimes a creative director will sit in on the session and provide any feedback to the talent in real time.


Raw audio is what you get when you take a recording straight from the studio. It may include background noise, “uh’s” and “um’s,” or breathing. The actor may have read the script perfectly, but it is nowhere near production-quality until it goes through a clean-up process.

Once the session is recorded, our editing team will take the raw audio and normalize it, or clean it of any impurities that disrupt the audio. This will leave you with a professional-grade, quality sounding voice over.

Regardless if the voice over is for you or for your client, we pride ourselves in the partnerships we share with our clients. We’ll guide you through the project, step by step, ensuring it turns out exactly the way you want it to. The best part is this – you can be involved as much or as little as you’d like.

How Much Do Voice Overs Cost?

Markethold is happy to provide samples and custom readings to you for free – you won’t pay anything until you receive your final audio files. Prices are quoted on a project by project basis and rates will vary depending on which talent you choose, how many actors or actresses are needed, the number of languages, and the length of the script.

Our Voice Talent

We partner with hundreds of voice actors and actresses around the world to bring you the most diverse and authentic range of talent possible. We can narrow the right voice talent down to a specific regions or dialect, whether it be Chinese, Yiddish, Arabic, English, and more.

Our library of voice talent also gives you the capability to choose exactly the characteristics you are looking for. Want voice talent with a bubbly personality? How about someone with a deep and sultry voice? That’s the benefit of working with a production company, we can navigate the pool of talent available and find the perfect voice for your project.

Browse Voice Talent

To search by language, characteristic, or gender, or to hear samples of our talent library, visit our voice talent directory. If you have any questions or are ready to make a decision, contact us at any time!


video production

Make it Come to Life.

From copy writing and story-boarding to shooting, editing, and motion graphics, we can help you create enduring video-media and content that can be used for social media, digital marketing and promotion, training, chronicling — even web-based manufacturer’s instructions, sales presentations, trade shows videos… or wherever written copy alone can’t get the job done. With localized foreign language video capabilities and on-screen actors, as well as native speaking directors, we can help you to reach any of your markets. Our audio and video post production services include audio editing, mixing and sweetening, video motion graphics, on-screen titles and graphics replacement. In addition to these, Markethold offers musical composition, scoring, and sound design to push your production to the next level. We are comfortable delivering your production in a variety of formats/platforms, from legacy formats to the latest technology.

Check out our demo reel:

Want To See More?

Our demo reel only touches on our video capabilities…

Send us an e-mail, we’d be happy to share more samples.


Take to the Air

Your presence on the “air” can help create your customer’s perception of your brand and business. You can use radio to elevate your brand, or you can use it strictly for promotion purposes. Either way, radio can be effective if it’s both distinct and consistent. We can help you get there with strong copy and production that will set you apart from your competitors.

Let’s Put it on the Radio

From concept and writing to production or anywhere in between. It’s time to make something cool together.

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Score Big With Markethold.

Take the viewer with you through your story with sound that inspires, creates anticipation, draws you in or wraps you in the boundless joys of the moment. Our composers will take your production to higher places, listen to our samples and let’s create our best work together!

Let’s Put it on the Radio

From concept and writing to production or anywhere in between. It’s time to make something cool together.

Why not send us an e-mail?

Scoring Demo 1: Bach-esque

This piece was written for an educational client looking for alumni support. They wanted a video to show the accomplishments of their former students and had chosen a Bach piece as the temp score. The agency involved asked us to create a new piece in the same flavor of the Bach piece.

Scoring Demo 2: Xerox

This piece was written for a series of situational based radio ads for Xerox. The spots revolved around interaction surrounding the purchase of new Xerox office equipment. In the conversation, (between a boss and his associate) the associate demonstrates her knowledge of what is in the best interest of the office, to the astonishment of her boss she has saved the company with her investment in the equipment. The spot required a light “tongue and cheek” style on music as the actors playfully discuss the purchase.

Scoring Demo 3: Food Bank

This piece was written for a charity based around providing food for children in need. The layering of an innocent sounding piano line on top of the more serious piano line worked really well to capture the feeling of need and purity. The accompanying photos of hungry, young children used in the finished spot further solidifed an approriate sense of urgency to help in the viewer.

Scoring Demo 4: Hardwood

This score was written for a television spot about online shopping for hardwood flooring. It was important to demonstrate how easy and productive the online shopping experience is. The music is fun, light, and active. It also “dovetails” directly into the client’s branding music in the same key and tempo.

Scoring Demo 5: Red Cross

This score was written for a radio spot for the Red Cross. The concept of the spot was to encourage blood donation amoung younger people. It was important to make the listener feel like the process of giving blood is no big deal. The music has a bit of a carefree feel to it with a slight sense of duty and pride.

Scoring Demo 6: King’s Faith

These are excerpts from a King’s Faith, a film about a teen who is released from prison and placed in foster care in an upscale, suburban environment. King’s Faith is a powerful faith-driven story for teens and young adults starring Crawford Wilson, Kayla Compton, James McDaniel, and Lynn Whitfield. It’s an independent feature length film that directly poses questions that today’s youth grapples with: where do I belong, how do I maintain core values in a culture that doesn’t always respect them, where is the line between caring about friends and enabling their destructive behavior.

The music in this example is used to demonstrate his feelings of isolation and loneliness. The closing score includes a musical element designed to reinforce the faith-themed components of the film.

Read more about the scoring process of this film here and here.