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Arnab M

Fluent in the Malayalam, Bengali, and Hindi dialects, Arnab has a theater background making his voice very versatile.

Arnab is a great announcer, character, and narrator.

Mustafa H

Mustafa has an impressive body of work both on screen and off. His voice over repertoire includes: Pashto, Hindi, Dari, and Farsi

Mustafa is an excellent character and narrator.
Please note that Mustafa H is only available for reads in Hindi, Persian, Farsi, and Dari.

Neena S

Neena is an accomplished voice artist with a gift for clarity and diction. Her voice flows naturally and she can adapt well to a variety of applications.

Neena is an excellent narrator.
Please note that Neena S is only available for reads in Punjabi.

Shalini K

Shalini is fluent in English and Hindi. Choose Shalini when your script demands a reassuring and warm voice with a rich, velvety tone. Sophisticated, upbeat, energetic, conversational and classy.

Shalini is a great announcer, character, and narrator.

Sujata S

Lively and Versatile, Sujata can perform well for: commercials, animation, or a conversational read

Sujata is an awesome character and narrator.