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German Voice Over

Basak U

A captivating multi-lingual voice with authoritive reading. The perfect serious voice for any Turkish, German, or English read.

Basak is a superb announcer, character, and narrator.

Fiona H

Fiona is not only an accomplished voice artist but has played many character roles in film, television, and the theater. Her style is well suited to narration or character and she can speak with a German accent.

Fiona is an awesome narrator.

Judit T

Judit is an accomplished voice actress and has starred in many prestigious voice roles such as: Hunchback of Notre Dame Esmeralda(Sony Pictures)She speaks native Hungarian and German with a Hungarian accent

Judit is an awesome narrator.
Please note that Judit T is only available for reads in Hungarian.

Mary M

With a range as wide as the ocean, Mary is convincing is many accents from all over the world. Very few people can pull off a flawless Jersery or stuffy British accent, let alone both! Her versatility even delves into irresistable cartoon characters.

Mary is a wonderful character.

Silvia M

A friendly feminine voice that doesn’t lack on strength and authority. A welcoming but captivating voice in English, French, and German.

Silvia is an awesome announcer, character, and narrator.

Steve Wi

A very talented, versatile professional with the ability to speak many foreign languages.

Steve is a good announcer, character, and narrator.

Tom H

With boyish wonder, betrayed by a mature voice, Tom reads each word as if it were a gift. Even while speaking German, his tone is soothing and approachable.

Tom is a superb announcer, character, and narrator.

Uli G

Your friend from Germany! Uli has a smooth and energetic voice capable of delivering a calm but captivating German or German-accented message.

Uli is a great announcer and narrator.