Markethold is the preferred provider for voice over talent in over 50 languages. With over 20 years of foreign language production experience, our work can be heard around the globe.

Since the most important aspects of your non-English voice over will be regional accuracy and production quality, Markethold partners with only the most professional experienced talent. We care about helping you communicate your message in the language that your target audience will understand. Our team will personally assist you in casting the ideal voice talent for your corporate, educational, marketing or entertainment project. You can expect a professional performance from true voice actors and an excellent finished production.

To view the entire Markethold talent roster, check out our voice talent page.

Voice Talent by Language:

Afrikaans voice-overs

Albanian voice-overs

Arabic voice-overs

Azeri voice-overs

Bengali voice-overs

Bulgarian voice-overs

Cantonese voice-overs

Chichewa voice-overs

Croatian voice-overs

Czech voice-overs

Dari voice-overs

Dutch voice-overs

Egyptian voice-overs

Esperanto voice-overs

Estonian voice-overs

Farsi voice-overs

Flemish voice-overs

French-Canadian voice-overs

French voice-overs

German voice-overs

Greek voice-overs

Hebrew voice-overs

Hindi voice-overs

Hmong voice-overs

Hungarian voice-overs

Icelandic voice-overs

Irish Gaelic voice-overs

Italian voice-overs

Japanese voice-overs

Klingon voice-overs

Korean voice-overs

Malayalam voice-overs

Mandarin voice-overs

Marathi voice-overs

Norwegian voice-overs

Persian voice-overs

Polish voice-overs

Portuguese voice-overs

Punjabi voice-overs

Russian voice-overs

Saudi Arabic voice-overs

Scottish voice-overs

Serbian voice-overs

Sesotho voice-overs

Slovak voice-overs

Slovene voice-overs

Spanish voice-overs

Tamil voice-overs

Thai voice-overs

Turkish voice-overs

Uzbek voice-overs

Vietnamese voice-overs

Xhosa voice-overs

Yiddish voice-overs