We write Jingles.

Meaning "song in an advertisement" first attested 1930, from earlier sense of "catchy array of words in prose or verse". Pretty boring, yeah, we think so too. At Markethold we specialize in creating music for advertisers that is truly unique and designed to reach a specific audience.

You want something original right? Not just a generic and tired sounding relic that could be for virtually any company. That's why you made the right choice with Markethold. Our music scores build your brand awareness and become synonymous with your company and its key messages. We'll have your customers singing (nice pun) your praises in no time!

First up:

Client: Alfred State College

In 2006, Alfred State College's ad agency asked us to create a new musical identity piece for the school. They knew they wanted something upbeat and up-to-date.

Now, since music is subjective and difficult to describe, it is important to ensure that client and composer are on the same page. Adjectives can mean different things to clients than they do to musicians.

For Example: To a composer, "upbeat" simply means a faster tempo. But when a customer uses the term "upbeat," it can mean bright, happy, or in a major key.

In this case, since the college's new campaign targeted high schoolers, they wanted a piece that sounded like a current hit. At the time, "This Love" by Maroon 5 was a smash success and turned out to be a sound they loved.

In order to convey the upbeat image the client wanted, we kept the encouraging line "You can do it" from their old jingle. We also used "This Love" as a rough guideline for tempo and mood. Put it all together, and we were able to create contemporary piece that could fit right in on the top-40 airwaves, while still standing out. Take a listen to what we came up with.

In 2012, Alfred's agency returned with the request of "modernizing" the jingle. We delivered a "remix" derived from the modern pop soundscape.

Listen to the original jingle.

Listen to the 2012 remix.

Next up:

Client: Erie County Fair

Here's a case where the customer came to us directly. They had their own internal agency and were tasked with sourcing an original musical piece to promote the annual Erie County Fair. The fair is an all-American tradition. With the branding line "A slice of America" already selected, we set out to produce a track that represents this tradition in an "Americana" style.

We selected our sound palette accordingly: Acoustic guitar, upright bass, mandolin, fiddle, and pedal steel, all topped off with a brushed/muted snare drum.

The result is good ol' fashioned hoedown with a country-style vocal over the top. A fife punctuates each line, capturing that real "Americana" feel. The piece actually sounds like something that might be played at the fair... a group of musicians trading off riffs and licks.

"Erie County Fair: A slice of America" is a good example of writing specifically for the client's needs. In doing so, this piece is unique and stands out amongst the other jingles you might hear on the radio.

Listen to this jingle.

Next up:

Client: Leader TV

Leader TV is a Markethold customer that sells audio and video solutions for homes and businesses. We've actually used them several times for multi-media displays in our office, whoops, sorry for the tangent. Anyway, their real strength is home theater solutions and all of the associated set up and installation.

After speaking with the client we learned that one way they are able to help their customers upgrade is by allowing them to trade in older equipment for credit towards new equipment. They can do this because they are actually an authorized repair center for most major brands and routinely refurbish equipment and place it on their sales floor.

They wanted to let people know that this trade-in option existed through a TV/radio campaign.

We created this musical piece to describe the process and basically tell customers it’s an easy decision over just purchasing from a big box retailer.

Because we are introducing a new way of thinking and detailing a process for it the music has to be as "sing-able" as possible in order to get people to repeat it in their minds and understand the message. The simple message "if you could trade this, for this... wouldn’t you do it?" was developed and repeats throughout the piece.

Listen to this jingle.

Next up:

Client: Tile Wholesalers

This is a client that we worked closely with an agency on. We wanted to distinguish the customer from the other advertisers in the area with a unique music score. We developed the branding line "Find your style at Tile Wholesalers" to address their extensive selection, a huge benefit over their competitors, especially the large home improvement stores.

This piece is probably closest example here to what most people think of as a traditional "jingle."

We certainly can write whatever is needed for any client and in this case an inspiring, bright, empowering piece that motivates you to want to improve your home and surroundings was the order of the day. Since statistically, a majority of the decision for style in a home falls on the woman of the house, we selected a female vocalist as a friendly advisor to the potential buyer.

Listen to this jingle.

Want to hear more?

We've written a ton of jingles. We've got examples in many styles and representing many different industries.

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